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Enable auto change wallpaper in android

Enable auto change wallpaper in android Nowadays all the smartphones are comes with a new feature called  auto change wallpaper. This makes smartphone more beautiful and your mood is also good after seeing different different wallpaper. But in old smartphones this feature is not supported .Don,t very today in this article i tell you that how you enable  auto change wallpaper in any smartphone.
There is a only one way to enable auto change wallpaper in your old smartphone is to use a external application . But all applications are not good for your smartphone security. So you should download a trusted application that not harm your smartphone. Today i tell you the trusted and verified application .
That not harm your smartphone and they also provide very good service to you . This app not provide too much ads in your smartphone.So this is a trusted app that you can used in you smartphones. All settings related to this application is provided you in below so read this article complete.

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GARUDA DRONE EXIST IN REALITY If you watch the uri movie then  a question comes in your minds that GARUDA DRONE EXIST IN REALITY. So today i gives you the answer of your this question. In this article you will know that GARUDA DRONE EXIST IN REALITY.
TRUTH OF GARUDA DRONE In URI movie the a drone is shown whose body is like to be GARUDA which is a bird name in Indian language.It is also regarded as the god in india. But in that movie it is shown as the drone which can fly upto many kilometer and many spy cameras are present in this drone. that capture all the movement of the enemy. But today i tell you that such types of drone are exists in reality. So read this article carefully.
GARUDA DRONE EXIST IN WORLD. If i will tell you that the GARUD DRONE was present in the world. In LONDON a company was make a drone which is similar to the GARUDA DRONE.But its features are not matches with the garuda drone only its body match with the GARUDA DRONE. Now i tell you that what is the difference…

Detail information about Myntra move

Myntra move 
The Myntra has launched his loyalty program like Flipkart and Amazon but is completely free. So today we are discussing about its benifits.
What is Myntra move The Myntra has launched his loyalty program . Which is named as Myntra move. There are many benifits of Myntra move that today we are going to discuss. so Myntra move is started in lockdown so people get fit and do exercise and running etc. The Myntra move gives you lot of profits. As you understand from its name myntra move that it is related to the steps. So in this program you has move,and exercise to increase the steps on Myntra app in return of this Myntra has gives you  Myntra insider point after you get a required insider point than you can redeem it and buy Myntra voucher .
All information related to it is given in below. In this article i will give a trik to increase steps without running and walking so read it completely.
I will give complete information about Myntra move . I tell you the total informatio…


CCTV CAMERA PRICE IN INDIA Nowadays everybody want to secure his office,house or factory in this cctv camera play a important role but some people are confused on buying these camera and they do not know cctv camera price in india.
Types of cctv camera Before knowing the cctv camera price in india you has to know about types of cctv camera and their different uses. So you can find a best camera for your shop and office or home. there are mainly three types of cctv camera all of these have different uses.
1.Dome camera  The Domec are used in homes and offices they are made for light uses its range of recording is also small . The indoor cameras are cheap to compare to other cctv cameras .

Dome cameras are work on day or night but in night the indoor cameras recording is done in black and white. But these cameras are good for house and small offices .

In india CP PLUS  and HIKVISION  are two branded companies that made all type of cctv camera with a great quality . Generally these came…

Best Drone camera price in india expert advice

Drone camera price in india:- Now a days the drones are very common but some people think that Drone camera are very expensive but they are so cheap . Today I tell you top Drone camera price in india.
So this article gives you the complete information about the drone camera price and features. The best buy link of these drones are given in the below of these drones images. You get a complete and deep knowledge of every drone. The features of every drone is given in below of every drones. This list of drones is best list of cheapest drone with a high quality camera.
List of best Drone camera price in india This list is made on the basis of price and features of drone. These are the some best drones that i picked from different sources and i make a list.
1.EACHINE E520 DRONE The Eachine e520 is a best and cheapest drone that's comes with the 4k full hd 1080p video recording camera. This drone has 2 battery that takes almost 120 to 150 minutes in full charging. That's gives a 15…

what is unacademy ? || unacademy benefits

what is unacademy ? || unacademy benefits
If you want to know that what is unacademy, what is unacademy plus subscription, what is unacademy benefits, what is cost of subscription, How to join unacademy plus, what are the benefits of unacademy plus. Than today i gives the answer of all these questions.

what is unacademy || unacademy benefits

If you want to know that what is unacademy. Than i tall you that
Unacademy is India's largest online learning platform. The first time Unacademy was launched in 2010. Now Unacademy become a great platform for online education. Unacademy has top educators of the country . They teach almost 2 millions of students every month. The unacademy has popular teachers for all the examination like neet,rpse,upse,jee mains,jee advance etc.  The unacademy has teacher's like kiran bedi and Raman saini.
The most of course of unacademy is free of cost . Now YouTube no. 1 study channel "wifi study" is a part of unacademy. I thought after reading th…

What is Flipkart Plus ? || Flipkart Plus

What is Flipkart PlusFlipkart Plus is a loyalty program by Flipkart its motive is to reward the customer for the shopping that they make in Flipkart. The Flipkart Plus has lot of benefits for the regular customer of Flipkart. All these benefits are explained in below in full detail. The Flipkart Plus want to appreciate the customer for more shopping from Flipkart for the benefits. Flipkart Plus has some similarities of Amazon prime.
Flipkart Plus benefits:- The Flipkart Plus has lot of benefits . These benefits are explained in given points so you can understand the Flipkart Plus benefits easily. If you used to do regular shipping from Flipkart and spend lot of money than Flipkart Plus benefits are more for you. If you want to know Amazon prime benefits than click here.

Free and fast delivery The Flipkart Plus members are always get the free and fast delivery of products. The Flipkart gives the free delivery on all his products (less than 500 also). This a good Flipkart Plus benefit.